Multiple Autonomous Platforms Presents

About Steven Wong

Steven Wong, artist, architect, curator, started MAPP (multiple autonomous platforms presents) as a platform for ideas. Wong has worked, significantly for his practice, from a global perspective, staying in Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, and constantly travelling between, a move which seeks to interrogate the western episteme from non-fixed viewpoints. In this, he has absorbed and observed the many strategies employed by institutions of dominance and the conditions necessary for autonomy in art. Presenting the films of Straub/Huillet at UCLA as a performative idea where the viewers become the art objects.

Wong’s other project Cinema City (photo-realist watercolours made from film stills, archiving the history of Japanese Cinema as a discrete object of knowledge) attests to the meticulous attention that mediates personal expression of image and material vis a vis impersonal or machine representations and technologies. This same meticulous attention to detail is also visible in his design projects.

Wong currently directs MAPP as a fluid artists project space with discursive practices and variable platforms of representation. He exhibits his work around the world and acts as an intermediary between academia and the art market, recently becoming an advisor and consultant to various institutions, individuals and art dealers. This role includes sourcing artworks for hospitality and commercial enterprises. He is currently working on a compilation survey of Art from the Malay Archipelago for the cultural forum website at Leeds University and structuring a financial instrument invested in the economics of art history. His design projects include; Crescent Hotel, Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills (Wallpaper, November 1998), Buddha Bar, New York, 1994, Koi, Bangkok, 2005, Multiple residences in Los Angeles, Singapore, London, Cambridge and in Hong Kong works with Chen Mi Ji Cultural Production; working on diverse projects, from curating art exhibitions (Holger Liebs, One Country Two Systems, Süddeutsch Zeitung, 22/23 July, 2000, Germany) to an advisory role for Wong Kar Wai’s film ‘2046’ and has been a consultant to the London based hospitality group Living Rooms.

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